Romantic Gift Guide for a Thoughtful Valentine’s Date

Romantic Gift Guide for a Thoughtful Valentine’s Date

In college, sharing a fifth at a house party with some shoddily hung string lights for ambiance may have felt perfectly romantic. We made a genuine connection over that $10 tequila didn’t we? Well, as I’ve aged, I’ve realized that we can clink glasses and “cheers” all night long but what will make me feel genuinely engaged, acknowledged, and loved is thoughtfulness and dedication to each other’s well being. Here’s what I mean…

Take the time to say what you love about your partner… while they rub your feet, cause they know you’ve been grinding on that step challenge. Put on a fancy face mask together then go out on the town (and tell each other how attractive you are the whole time). Steam it up with an aromatherapy bath together because work has been crazy lately and you want to make sure you are your best selves together. 

Create a thoughtful experience based on your partner’s lifestyle! That’s SHOWING how much you care instead of just saying it. I’ve compiled a few wellness gift ideas (and how to use them for your date too) so you can be the genuine caring partner that they so desire. 

Date idea: Full Couples spa day at home

Pro Tip: Do one or all of these ideas! This requires some setup and I recommend creating little spaces or stations for various activities. Little cards at each station with WHY you chose to do that (ie cause life has been stressful, here’s a de-stress bath) will get you bonus romance points! Use the candles to illuminate these stations. Also, this isn’t just for valentine’s day, do this anytime! 

Step 1. Set up candles aplenty! The ambiance should feel like a spa so no harsh lights and beautiful scents are a must. Look for candles free of carcinogens and harmful pollutants. Aluminate Life Calm , Essence one , Roam, and Calyan candles are all found in top spas and you can light tons of em without concern for irritating your lungs.

Step 2: DIY Couples facial. This is a fun silly activity because it feels like painting your face. Choose a facial that is calming - don’t shock your partner with a peel! At home facials seriously upped their game during covid so now it’s crazy easy to do yourself or in this case, on each other! These are staff faves - Farmhouse Fresh 3 step Hydration Cascade ($38) , Circadia Staycation Kit , or keep it suuuper simple with a sheet mask like these inspirational Korean Sheet masks!

Step 3: DIY massage. This does not have to be difficult. In fact, my number one recommendation would be to invest in a pro grade device like a Theragun that allows you to make this accessible year round. To elevate the experience, create a soft space where you can lay down and put towels or sheets down so you can be heavy handed with the oil. Key for massage oil is to get one that is NOT grapeseed oil based as that will permanently damage your sheets. Another pro tip is to heat up a bowl of water until it’s hot and put the bottle of oil in it. This will warm it up! Do not place a bottle of oil directly in the microwave. (Do not use any massage oil on erogenous zones, use lubricant for these areas. ) Our staff picks are the Cause+Medic CBD infused oil for lasting pain relief, Exotic bath and body oil by Pure fiji , and the Taiga massage candle by yon-ka which turns into oil once it’s warm and even has a little spout.

Step 4: Build an instagram worthy bath experience. There’s something insanely luxurious about someone preparing a bath for you like you’re royalty. Plus, if you did the massage first, you’ll be oily and may want to get clean anyway. Get you and a partner into a robe with a glass of bubbly. Here’s what you need to knock it out the park. Bath diamond soaking salts with illuminated crystals (yes they light up and dissolve) makes the water look like a starry night. You could alternatively use a CBD bath bomb if you want deep relaxation and more of a foamy experience. Place a bowl of these adorable candy scrubs for hands, feet, and- there’s moisturizer in them so you’ll feel super soft after. 

The Big Finale! 

Step 5: Bedtime. After physical touch, words of affirmation, gift giving, and experiences you’ve shared, hopefully you are feeling very in tune and connected to your partner. Intimate connection can of course be spiced up with sexual wellness tools like a Lelo device but what a lot of partners don’t think about is what happens after all that fun. How about the gift of the best sleep ever? Roll on Essence One oils , place a little CBD tincture on the tongue , and place a fuzzy lavender scented eye mask on for an incredibly deep sleep to end the perfect spa day at home.

To view all these items visit here: Valentine's Day Gift Guide


- Team Live Love Spa

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