$20 & Under Wellness Gifts for a Happy, Healthy 2023

$20 & Under Wellness Gifts for a Happy, Healthy 2023

When looking for gifts that go beyond trinket, toy, or tech – we think there’s
nothing better than wellness! These gifts will remind your loved ones that
you truly care about their health and happiness and wow, would ya look at
that, all for under $20. That’s a lot of beauty for your buck!

Build the perfect manicure:

A pro mani is made possible with spa grade tools. Gift everything needed
from cuticle to buff to polish for hands that’ll make them take that extra
moment to wave... like the royalty they are.
- PoshPeel Pedi Cure | Patchology - $20
- Cuticle Renewal Drops | Barefoot Scientist - $20
- Sweet + Single Candy Scrub | Bonblissity - $10
- SpaRitual Polish - $14
- YAPA Vegan Polish - $18

Turn a shower into a spa sesh:

A gift they’ll actually use! Heighten their hygiene experience to take it from
mundane to spaaaahtastic. Here are our favorite under $40 products to bring
the feeling of spa into any shower.
- Breathe Shower Steamer | Primal Elements - $15
- Deep Exfoliating Body Scrub Mitt | Dermasuri - $20
- Aromatherapy Shower Mist | Essence One - $12
- Enso Bamboo Towel | TOWL - $13
- Prescription Shampoo | Urban Alchemy - $20
- Happy Candles - $12

Gift the gift of sleep:

Gifts for insomniacs. Sleep solutions. Products for better sleep. Just a couple
of my google searches in the last year. For those like me whose minds race,
counting sheep doesn’t seem to cut it. We need a whole darn ritual to get to
bed! Luckily, products like these are the building blocks to better sleep.
Sweet dreams!
- Dream | The Good Patch - $12
- Sleep Candle Tin | Aluminate Life - $15
- Essential Oil Blends | Essence One - $18
- Tranquility Mini Home Fragrance | [ comfort zone ] - $19
- Deep Sleep (5 Pack) | Popmask - $20

Skincare when you don’t know their skin type:

At Live Love Spa, we believe in ethically sourced quality ingredients in
products but balancing budget can be a challenge when it comes to gifting nice skincare. So, we’ve pulled some of our favorite inexpensive options that

I’ll take my Zen to go please:

Yogis, gym junkies, and even those who walk moderately fast from their car
to starbucks can benefit from these to-go style wellness solutions.
- Spa Days Are the Best Days Tote | Lucky Owl - $16
- 100 Mysteries Wellness Tea | Sahara Tea - $16.95
- Strawberry Mood Fruit Lip Treatment | Farmhouse Fresh - $20
- B12 Awake Patches | The Good Patch - $12
- Rounds - 3 Set | RAD - $16
- Slick Oil Absorbing Volcanic Roller | Dreambox Beauty - $15

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