About us

Searching for ways to relieve stress, sleep better or enhance your quality of life can be overwhelming and confusing. Live Love Spa brings insider professional knowledge from the most distinguished spas and brands in the world to help you discover a curated selection of wellness products that help you live a healthier, happier life.  



CEO | Girl Boss |
Spa Aficionado | Momma Bear

She’s all about the experience, not stuff. As a serial entrepreneur, she has taken the wellness world by storm. She has a wealth of knowledge from her 30+ years of sales/marketing experience in tech, fashion, gift, and spa industries. Her motto is work hard play hard, so she takes her spa treatments as seriously as her business meetings.


Chief Financial Officer | Dad | Ultimate Packing Champion | Sommelier in Training

He’s responsible, he’s organized, and he’s here to get things done. Scott effortlessly manages our entire team of crazy creatives, wonderful oddballs, and even a couple of fired up family members. He is disciplined with his personal wellness and wakes up at 6:30am everyday to get his fitness circuit in and prioritizes bi-monthly trips to the Korean Spa.


Vice President & General Manager
  | Karaoke Legend | Foodie 

Known around the office as “euGenius” because he’s as savvy as they come. As an International Man of Mystery, Eugene is world traveled, trilingual, and always on the lookout for the latest tech at the best price. If you're lucky, you can catch him taking the stage by storm singing the best karaoke hits! Eugene is full of fun facts and mind-blowing stories to tell.


VP of Ecommerce | Mentalist | 
Man of the Woods | Prankster

Michael has an eye for beauty whether behind the video camera or manicuring his “glamp” grounds in NorCal. He has an appreciation and love for nature and strives to live a balanced lifestyle. Michael is the ultimate big bro; fiercely protective (especially now that he’s a Dad) but doesn’t miss an opportunity for a funny prank. With 6 years in the spa industry, this former MMA fighter has no shame in his spa game.


VP of Brand Partnerships | Spa Expert |
 Workout Warrior | Chips+Guac Aficionado

From daily morning workouts to afternoon sauna seshes to monthly facials, Kym is a self-care queen who knows the value of being good to your body. She is a Spa Pro with 28 years of experience that includes spa operations and working with some of the best brands in the industry. With her captivating smile and warm soul, she has an amazing gift for making everyone feel like a celebrity in her presence.


Associate Director of Events | MUA | Body Positive Advocate | Latina Fireball

Coming from the beauty world, Marisol redefines makeup artistry as an expression of self-love and has a passion for discovering the next must-have product. Whether it’s beauty tips or where to find the best vegan tacos, she’ll happily give you the inside scoop because she’s everyone’s best friend. She sees true beauty in others and will tell you to love what your mama gave you! Her instagram is proof that she loves the Padres, Family/Friends + Live Love Spa.


Senior CRM | Goal Crusher | 
Health Nut | Supportive Friend

If going the extra mile was a sport, Sammy would win a gold medal. Her love for helping people shows with how hard she works to make sure our Live Love Spa attendees are happy. Meditating and yoga keep her centered, and she always starts her day with celery juice to stay healthy. She may not be the most outspoken, but she always has your back and will never let you down.


Senior Client Relationship Manager   
Unofficial Food Critic | Beauty Guru

A globetrotting, beauty aficionado with an insatiable thirst for travel! With 15+ years of cosmetic industry experience, she's a natural networker and gifted at fostering meaningful connections. When she's not jet-setting, she's indulging in spa days, loving on her cat, and exploring foodie locations. A Jersey girl at heart, Carolina is always up for an adventure!


Senior Client Relationship Manager |  Nature Enthusiast | Self-Care Aficionado

She's a spa-obsessed girl from OC with 10 years of esthetician and spa experience! You can find her in nature hiking or by the water, unless she's in a spin or yoga class. She's a natural connector and proclaimed Network Queen. Self-care is top priority, with an extra special appreciation for face masks & bubble bath. She stays on the go, and is passionate about making her days count!


Client Relationship Manager |
Basketball Wife | Proud Momma |

Get ready to meet Cathy! As the reigning Miss Congeniality of Live Love Spa, she radiates positive vibes everywhere she goes. Her daily wellness ritual of a brisk dog walk with her beloved pitties and a luxurious face mask is the secret to her glowing complexion. With her magnetic personality and infectious energy, she's a true gem in this world!


Executive Assistant | Personal Trainer | Travel Lover | Girl with the Pouf

Stephanie can always be spotted in the crowd by her pouf. She’s constantly helping out one way or another with whatever you may need, including never letting you go hungry. Need a snack? She’s right there! She loves playing the piano, chilling with her friends, hiking the outdoors, and finding the latest cool fitness games/gadgets.


Community Manager & Host |
Adventure Seeker | Showgirl | The Talent

Keila is half Hollywood glamour and half nature hippie. She sings like a bird, shines brighter than the sun, and like a true performer, treats photo-bombing like a full-time job. She is also a former food tour guide with a gift for leading others on incredible journeys; there is nothing this girl is afraid to discover!


Ecommerce Merchandising
& Product Development

When you need a friend, Alexa is your go to girl. Knowing the restorative power of a good meditation session, afternoon pilates or retail therapy at the local flea market, there are few things that get this girl down. Her background in fashion fuels her amazing talent to make the products in development even more beautiful.


Account Manager | Class Clown | Actor | Director | Gains Chaser | Charmer

Towering at 6ft. 5in tall, we call Jackson our “little one”. Ready to take on anything, he is our resident “Try Guy”. He didn’t expect to have a career in spa and wellness but he is definitely a spa man in the making. While his true happy place is in the center of a Chipotle burrito, he’s always up for testing the latest spa products!


E-commerce Operations Manager |
 Nature Lover | Music Enthusiast

She has a passion for all things wellness and her interest in everyone’s wellbeing has led her to some fulfilling roles in e-commerce operations. When she’s not at work, she spends a lot of time reading, meditating, hiking, or seeing her favorite artists live in concert. She believes it’s always a good time for self-care!


Events Marketing Coordinator | Sunset Fanatic | Shopaholic

There's three places you'll be sure to find Zaria when she's not in the office: tanning at the beach, line dancing at the nearest country bar, or dining at a trendy restaurant. Zaria has a passion for travel, which is why she loves working on events at Live Love Spa! Zaria is all about experiences, and is always up for a new adventure!


Ecommerce Associate | Art Lover | Coffee Addict | Self-Care Enthusiast

Creativity is key for Mia and she is all about self expression in various forms. From fashion to music, she is inspired from moments and experiences that move her. She has a knack for contributing ideas on how to improve the  business. Nothing will replace her favorite way to decompress - a Friday night concert.


Ecommerce Associate 

 Naya is a passionate student who works diligently towards her degree. When she is not studying or packing orders with love, you can find her on the hunt for the next yummy eatery or watching a hockey game. Trying to be more spontaneous, she is looking for things to push her out of her comfort zone; just don’t mess with her daily skincare routine!