Spafinder Gift Card Conversion

Convert your Spafinder gift card into a Live Love Spa gift card to shop thousands of skincare, beauty, health and wellness products online.

Step 1 - Confirm you have a "multi-use" gift card.

A multi-use card has a 16 digit number, cvv2, and expiration date on the back. Proceed only if you are holding this type of card.

If your card does not have these items, request a conversion here.

Step 2 - Convert gift card

Use your Spafinder multi-use gift card to purchase a gift card of corresponding value below. You can use your Spafinder gift card like a regular credit card at checkout. Once checkout is completed, our gift card will be emailed to you instantly.

Confirm your Spafinder gift card balance here. 

Check card balance

Purchase Gift Card

You may only convert one gift card at a time. Once check out is completed your gift card will be emailed to you instantly.


Note: If you convert your Spafinder gift card to a gift card, you will not be able to use it for treatment services or at Spafinder partner locations.