E EPA-Registered Disinfectant Tablets - 1 g Starter Pack ($1.50 per 32oz) | Ecodioxide

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E EPA-Registered Disinfectant Tablets | Ecodioxide - 1 g Starter Pack

from $1.50 per 32oz  EPA-Registered Chlorine Dioxide Disinfecting Tablets!  Available with Container Tube and as a Refill Packet.

Use as a spray, soak or add to their Dry Wipes

Dutrion's EPA-registered Chlorine Dioxide formulation is a pH-neutral solution that works on all surfaces including solid surfaces, metals, rubber, equipment, vinyl and fabrics.  

Simply drop in the appropriate number of tablets based on water volume. These will dissolve in water creating a ready-made 100ppm product. 

Please use proper PPE (gloves, mask, glasses) when handling tablets. 

This product should be sprayed generously to cover the entire surface and allow a minimum of 1-minute dwell time.  Wipe the surface clean with Ecodioxide's dry wipes or allow to dry completely for best efficacy.

Can be used via wipes, spray bottle, electric fogger or sprayer. 

Use one 1g tablet per each 32oz of water / 4 tablets per 1 gallon of water

Use one 4g tablet per 1 gallon of water

Quantity:  12 tablets per pack

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