Madagascar Vanilla Soy Blocks | Soy Delicious

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Madagascar Vanilla Soy Blocks | Soy Delicious - 5 oz package

You know those times when you get a burst of feelings to the point where your heart swells and overflows with love? The MADAGASCAR VANILLA candle will have this effect on you placing you in a sentimental mood that will cause your heart to overflow. Imagine feeling like you need a little ambiance boost before setting out to conquer your next endeavor! You’ve already accomplished some things on your checklist but the day is not quite complete. You need that second refreshing wind before the sun has set.

The MADAGASCAR VANILLA candle not only engages your senses but it is also functional. It smells delicious, feels luxurious and can be used as a moisturizing aromatherapy on your skin. This candle is made with organic ingredients that are human-friendly.

1 Pack of Soy Blocks comes in (5oz) packages.
Each pack contains 6 soy blocks.
Wax warmer not included; available for purchase


MSRP: $22

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