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Brighten the Appearance of Age Spots on your Hands, Shoulders, ArmsAnd Legs, Even-Tone, Smooth and Combat the Look of Melanin-Excess Patches and Blemishes on the Skin with a Natural Pigmentation-Specialist!

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iYURA Ashwaro Body Oleator  

A Body Brightener Oil that extends soothing support for the appearance of mature and photo-aged skin from UV-rays & tanning beds, with every stroke and neutralizes environmental stress on skin!

  • Witness the reduced appearance of relentless age spots that have started to call your skin home with Ashwagandha’s even-toning properties 
  • Experience a brightened look of your dull, patchy skin made adverse by environmental stressors such as exposure to excess sun, UV-rays and tanning beds 
  • Moisturize and calm dryness-induced skin troubles with rich bio-active principles such as withanolides, saponins and alkaloids in Ashwagandha 
  • Flaunt a reduced appearance of red, angry skin with the help of this adaptogenic herb. 
  • Feel intense hydration in your dry, rough and dehydrated skin and reclaim your dry skin’s supple appearance 
  • Let your darker freckles feel potent cleansing with a 10-minute satiating instant self-massage through purification-enforcing herbs like Shatavari 

Not just your skin, but becauseAshwaro is rich in adaptogen-rich ingredients such as Ashwagandha,Ashwaro is also the oil of choice to help calm the discomfort in your joints and muscles, stabilize the aggravation in your body that a busy day must have caused, and ground your senses through its meditative aroma, through just a 10-minute application. 

With Ashwaro you get all 3: 

  • Moisturizaton
  • Simultaneous energy-powered relaxation for visibly stressed-out skin 
  • Even-toning goodness of clarity-inducing herbs! 

100 mL/3.38 fl oz

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