High Dive Intensive Hydration Cream | Barefoot Scientist

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High Dive Intensive Hydration Cream | Barefoot Scientist - 4.06 fl oz/120 mL

High Dive™ is an intensive moisturizing cream that’s designed for the unique needs of your feet. This innovative cream combines 15 of the world's best moisturizers—including 4 types of hyaluronic acid, shea butter, ceramides and podiatrist-recommended urea—to restore water content, retain hydration and promote cellular elasticity. A unique delivery system—including 10%+ glycolic acid for exfoliation—penetrates deep into the extra thick skin on your feet to providing moisture where you need it most for soft, silky smooth feet that you’ll take any opportunity to show off.

Perfect for rapidly healing feet that are cracked, callused, scaly or extra-dry.

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