Beauty Eyelift - Large | Wonderstripes

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Beauty Eyelift - Large | Wonderstripes

Beauty tape for the optical correction of the upper eyelid. Wonderstripes eyelid tape helps to visually correct the look of sagging or hooded eyelids. Therefore, giving you a fresher, younger look in just seconds. Eyes appear instantly bigger and wider. Wonderstripes eyelid tape is dermatologically tested and a great solution as an instant eye lift without surgery. (Available in 3 Sizes.) Size LARGE

Perfect For: Hooded eyes, sagging eyelids, eyelift without surgery, party or everyday use

How To:
5 Easy steps for a radiant, fresh & younger look!
1. Clean eyelid with non-oily lotion
2. Remove a strip from the silver foil
3. Tilt your head slightly backwards
4. Apply the strip into the eyelid crease
5. Instant glow and radiant look!


MSRP: $25

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