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Petroleum-Free, 100% Natural Jelly for Extra Dry Skin

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Cleanalyn Natural Jelly - Tulsi is a clinically proven, 7-in-1, all-natural jelly that treats excessive dryness, moisturizes, helps retain hydration in your skin and brighten it.

Formulated with 3 Traditional Ayurvedic Oils and enriched with the soothing and moisturizing powers of Tulsi or Holy Basil, this intensely moisturizing jelly provides targeted care for your entire body. 
It has been clinically proven to deliver softness within 24 hours, moisturization for up to 48 hours, firmness for up to 6 hours, brightness for up to 48 hours, as well as skin luminosity and transparency for a younger-looking appearance. 
Cleanalyn is an all-rounder and can be used as a: 
Face cream for extremely dry weather: Can be used on dry skin anywhere, even on the face in extremely dry conditions without fearing breakouts or clogging of pores! 

2) Hand cream: Itsnon-sticky texture will not leave your hands uncomfortably greasy or cracking dry! 

3) Foot cream: Transforms the driest feet in as little as just one use! Splendid results on repeated use!  

4) Chapstick: Enriched with 3 traditional Ayurvedic oils called Eladi, Dwiharidradi and Jyatyadi oil, Cleanalyn moisturizes dry lips and provides relief. 

5) Balm: Soothes the skin and gives a sensation that’s unlike an oil or a cream!  

6) Dry Patch Salve: Can be used on dry elbows, corners of the mouth, fingers, knees, ankles etc. 

7) Body butter for very dry skin: Its on-stickytexture helps create the friendliest barrier on the skin that moisturizes and soothes as well as it stops moisture from evaporating from the body, making it a good body butter for very dry skin. 


This jelly contains no artificial binders, additives, heavy metals or any such thing that you wouldn’t want on your skin! 
Cleanalyn Natural Jelly - Tulsi is a staple moisturizer that doesn’t need to be applied several times for it to work and not only acts as an occlusive to prevent moisture from evaporating but also makes the skin softermore luminousfirmer and appear more youthful. 

Clinically Proven | Dermatologically Tested | NOT Tested on Animals | No Harmful Chemicals | No Artificial Fragrance | No Dyes or Added Color | No Sulfates or Parabens! 


3.53 oz/100 g 

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