Generation 50 Negative Ion Generator | HealthyLine

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Generation 50 Negative Ion Generator | HealthyLine

GeneratIon 50 – Negative Ion Generator


Cleanse the air around you and breathe easier with Generation 50! The Generation 50 Negative Ion Generator from HealthyLine is designed for those who want to improve their breathing by cleansing the air around them. This portable device generates millions of negative ions that get magnetically attracted to pollutants making newly-formed larger particles too heavy to remain in the air you breathe. Unlike other ion generators, Generation 50 has been independently certified to produce no ozone. No cleaning or switching filters involved - there is simply no filter and no fan, - you have air clean in close proximity without sounds that could disturb your work, sleep, or any other activity. In addition, included inhalation tool allows your body experience the benefits of negative ions directly!

So, finally, improve your breathing anywhere you go with the Negative Ion Generator from HealthyLine!

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