Ghassoul Geranium Fragrance | Charme d'Orient Paris

Face, body and hair

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Ghassoul is a clayey soft rock found in the Maghreb. After extraction, the rassoul follows a natural transformation: drying of the raw rassoul, the wash in the water to eliminate the impurities, the filtering of the dissolved rassoul, the display then the drying in the sun. The product, at first in the form of plaques, is it’s reduced in powder. Rassoul is used since the Antiquity as natural product of hygiene and as shampoo. It is used for a long time by all the populations of North Africa and the Middle East. 

Mixed in the water, the rassoul swells to form a very sweet dough. Consisted of very fine particles, this dough absorbs the impurities and the fats as the blotting paper. They eliminate then in the rinsing. This very soft wash does not eliminate totally the hydrolipidic film of the skin and the hair. The ghassoul does not affect the girdle natural defender of the hair and it does not irritate either the sebaceous glands.

The geranium scent gives it a pleasant and fresh smell.

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