Oxygen 8 Foaming Face Mask 100 mL | Relentless Skincare

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Oxygen 8 Foaming Face Mask | Relentless Skincare - 100 mL

Women Relentless Foaming Face Mask helps to purify the skin both internally and externally via its oxygenating and energizing blanket of microbubbles. It promotes tissue hydration, lubrication and tissue stability. It contains a unique organic compound which functions as a carrier of oxygen, making it an effective agent in carbon dioxide cleansing/displacement and oxygen enrichment of the skin. Due to its high capacity to crease oxygen and moisture levels in the skin, faster wound healing and reduced scarring may be observed. Continued use increases skin moisturization resulting in anti-wrinkle effects, and a younger, more vibrant looking skin.


MSRP: $78

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