POLLUTION ASSAULT Tip to Root Hair Reboot 0.5 fl oz | Save Me From

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POLLUTION ASSAULT Tip to Root Hair Reboot | Save Me From - 0.5 fl oz/15 mL

Nourish + Enhance Shine

For the city slicker exposed to car exhaust, smoke and dust, this conditioning mask combats the inescapable damage caused by daily pollution exposure. Free radical damage harms proteins in the hair’s cortex, decrease hydration in the cell membrane and wears away surface cuticles. This deep conditioning Pollution Assault Tip to Root Hair Reboot mask by Save Me From nourishes flat, dry, brittle and stressed hair and scalp.

Lab Results: hair is up to 78.2% stronger; 111.7% more hydrated; 82.7% shinier; with 95.65% less split ends; 134.4% more flexible; and with a scalp 18% more nourished*.

Perfect for: nourishing and protecting against pollution that causes flat, dry, brittle hair + a stressed scalp

Pro Tip: use as shine-enhancing lotion and detangler. Only apply in small amounts as a leave-in and nice and light as a rinse-out mask. We recommend applying with slightly damp hands and blending to dilute. Apply to ends and comb through. When air-dried, this offers a beachy look to wavy hair.

0.5 fl oz/15 ml

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