Sun + Sweat - Tip to Root Hair Reboot 0.5 fl oz | Save Me From

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Sun + Sweat - Tip to Root Hair Reboot | Save Me From - 0.5 fl oz/15mL

SMOOTH + CONDITION with Save Me From's Sun + Sweat - Tip to Root Hair Reboot.

Whether it’s a daily Peloton ride, swim in the pool or run on the beach, hair takes a beating from our daily workouts. Sun, sweat, salt, chlorine and hard water make hair dull, stiff, faded and tangled and the scalp becomes easily irritated and itchy. This smoothing hair mask combats and improves all of this daily damage.

Helps improve strength by up to 83.6%; hydrate hair up to 125%; increase shine up to 40.3%; improve hair flexibility up to 140.6%, and reduce split ends up to 89%

Perfect for: smoothing and repairing against faded, stiff, tangled hair + irritated scalp

Pro Tip: apply walnut-sized amount before high intensity workouts you will shower after your workout or swim to protect and repair while you workout. These products will protect the hair from glycation’s hardening effects (caused by sweat) and if swimming, from chlorine. When rinsed out, hair will feel silky and smooth.


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