Ultra Lite Lotion | Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts

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Ultra Lite Lotion | Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts — 5 oz 

Weightless moisture for combination to oily skin types, this antioxidant formula addresses visible signs of aging while supporting healthy barrier functions. Oiliness and exposure to UV and pollution can leave your skin dehydrated, lackluster, and cause breakouts and blackheads. Ultra Lite Lotion by Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts contains hemp seed oil, green tea polyphenols, and alpha lipoic acid to help shield the skin from oxidative stress and balance the skin, leaving it feeling soft and protected.
Perfect for: Hydrating and improving the appearance of oily skin types.
Pro Tip: Ultra Lite Lotion is a favorite for men’s skin. It provides them with an excellent post-shave recovery, keeping the skin supple to help reduce the occurrence of ingrown hair, while providing anti-aging benefits.


MSRP: $52

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